Replay (Prod. BlackDiamondMusic)

from by T-Rapper

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It's like my life is on replay,
everyday is the same thing,
it's like my life it on replay,
everyday is the same thing,

[Verse 1]

Different day same shit,
Same bed same chick,
Same crew same clique,
Same brew same spliff,
Same job same payslip,
Same money that I'm wasting,
Same dream that I'm chasing,
Same sadness I'm facing.


[Verse 2]

It's like my life is on replay,
everyday is the same thing,
waking up to the same alarm from the same dream,
for the same job that I've had since i was eighteen,
Just wondering, how long it's gonna be this way,
how long it's gonna be like I'm livin' in groundhog day,
everyday is just the same, as the one before,
and the one before that, talking to myself like when you gonna act,
when you gonna do something that,
gets you out of this loop that you're stuck in,
this is far from the future that you wanted,
remember being a child and rap music
was the only thing that made you smile,
man what happened to your dreams,
when did your life get put on repeat,


[Verse 3]

if you're feelin' what I'm saying then you're prolly in the same situation,
everyday that you awaken, wondering why it's the exact same shit that you facing,
same car, same house, same job, same debt,
the more you think about it then the more you start to sweat,
hoping and praying that one day you'll awaken,
and pursue the life that you forever have been chasin'


[Verse 4]

when i say it's on replay, I'm not using that line as a metaphor,
i mean literally, when i walk out the door, it's absurd,
i drive the same route to work, park in the same spot,
eat the exact same food for lunch,
make the exact same prayer to god,
usually along the lines of "Make this stop!"
i get home at the same time,
wishing for the weekend but lately even my weekends been repeating,
wearing the same torn kicks on my feet and clothes that need bleaching,
yeah, when i hit my room to go write and record,
end up staring at my blank pad for a couple hours or more,
next thing I'm in bed to start it all again tomorrow,


[Verse 5]

Different day same shit,
same bed same chick, shit,
this is the same verse that i just did now even my lines are repeating,
ha, but the funny thing is i still happen to age,
but the days stay the same,
and soon enough I'll have no time left to age,
and I'll be facing tomorrow with what i had yesterday.


from Duck My Sick, released December 16, 2016



all rights reserved


T-Rapper Gold Coast, Australia

T-Rapper is a 22 year old artist based on the Gold Coast, Australia. His passion for rap extends far back to early childhood and always knowing he wanted to do music with his life, released his first tape in 2016.
"Insight To The Mind"

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