On My Way (Prod. BlackDiamondMusic)

from by T-Rapper

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Yeah, I'm on my way

[Verse 1]

This shit right here is my reintroduction
Been gone for a minute i been doing nothin'
but jottin' these words with a pen on my pad
plotting how i'm gonna murder my dad
what i came up with was catch him and trap him
then tying him down in the back of a taxi
soak him in petrol then start flicking matches
guess that's one way to bury the hatchet

Yeah, i'm on my way, yeah i'm on my way,
yeah --, i'm on my way look at me now i'm on my way,
yeah, i'm on my way, yeah, i'm on my way
yeah -- i'm on my way, look at me look at me
i'm on my way

[verse 2]

Yeah--- i know that, i'm gonna be
copping some flak for the way that i rap
like you're just a boy from Aus
so why do you rap like you not?
bitch i rap however i want
plus i'm the result
of a rubber that broke
and a mum who was crazy
so she let her babies
listen to shady all times of the day
like damn what a lady
yeah-- I found my niche
and as it so happens i rap with an accent
so ima go do it till i end up passin'
cause rap is my passion watch me as i grasp it


Yeah, i'm on my way,
Yeah, i'm on my way,
yeah--- i'm on my way
Look at me now, I'm on my way.

[Verse 3]

Yeah-- i'm on my way
just like your date but the difference is
i'm planning to stay
i did drop a mixtape then i took a break
i'm back and ive changed like that new shit from drake
so think what you want because nothing's the same
if you're taking shots then i'm taking aim
you got no-one to blame if you're calling me out
i'm defaming your name.


[Verse 4]

Yeah! you wanna know how i deal with my boredom
i dress up as a doctor and head to the make a wish foundation
tellin' patients that i cured em
it's a little bit sick but i been this way since i was a kid
pretty much since i existed my mind has been twisted
but never restricted I
say what i want to whoever i want without givin' a fuck
i'm just livin' it up while i'm young and i can
i'm among the men, that know what they want
and they do have a plan.


[Verse 5]

Yeah-- i'm on my way
2016 is the year for me
it's the year for T
so keep an ear out
for my new E.P
it's gonna be blessing your speaker
making my non believers
feel like they need this
as much as they need to be breathing
so please believe me
when i go say
that i'm on my way.


from Duck My Sick, released December 16, 2016



all rights reserved


T-Rapper Gold Coast, Australia

T-Rapper is a 22 year old artist based on the Gold Coast, Australia. His passion for rap extends far back to early childhood and always knowing he wanted to do music with his life, released his first tape in 2016.
"Insight To The Mind"

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