Never Could (Prod. Taylor King)

from by T-Rapper

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They tried to tell me that i never could (Nope)
They tried to tell me that i never could (Never)
They tried to tell me that i never could (Nope)
They tried to tell me that i never could, but ima show em why i should

[Verse 1]

I could spaz up on a fuckin' average beat and make it good,
you thinking that i'm crazy,
but i'm just misunderstood,
they told me if i tried to make it that i never ever would,
i just made my first dollar from my music, that felt good,
it's only up from here i swear to god that i'm ready for it,
conquered all my fears i hope the world is getting ready for me,
music is my only love, i'm already married to it,
try to take it 'way from me, you prolly gone get buried for it,
i don't wanna sound too cocky when i go and talk like this,
but if they try and stop me, you prolly gonna get me pissed,
push me to my limits, till i do something rediculous,
like meet you in the carpark, where there ain't no witnesses,
i've never been a fighter, but i'll fight for what i love,
whether the be music or my boys, best believe i'll strap on gloves
when push come to shove, ima stand for what i believe in,
ironically it's everything you said i ain't achieving.


[Verse 2]

imagine being eight years old, all you wanted to do was grow,
up to be a rapper, travel the world playing amazing shows,
so one night you at home, with your favourite CD on,
tell your parents to come inside your room like yo, check my flow,
Hoping they'd be loving it, or at least they would encourage it,
your mummas got a smile but your father aint want none of it,
tells you, you ain't doin' it right, you need to go and get a life,
cause one day gripping the mic, ain't gone pay the fuckin' bills at night,
already you discouraged from doin' the one thing that you love
until the day finally comes, when you ask yourself "wassup"
how much longer can you sleep, in your homies spare bedroom,
when you know that this ain't the life for you cause god blessed you,
with the talent to,
be flippin' the flows, like pippin was hittin' them free throws,
so quittin' ain't sittin' in these thoughts,
sittin' and sippin' my drinks cold,
pen to my pad while my beats pulse,
i'm thankin' my dad for my deep scars,
i'm carryin' with me on my bleedin' heart for the rest of my life till they day i depart!


[Verse 3]

So keep on sayin' that i can't and ima show you why i can,
so much time i spent, bein' the underdog with a plan,
but i always been to scared to take matters into my own hands,
now i'm finally realising what it takes to be a man,
let go of all the things that i know i can't control,
focus solely on my music, cause it's my only goal spent,
way too much time hiding behind a computer screen,
when all i really wanted was the world to see my for me,
so this is who i am,
it's who i always have been,
i just been hiding it like a pretty girl hides acne,
was all just a cover up of my own insecurities,
caused by people tellin' me how much i can't do things,


from Duck My Sick, released December 16, 2016



all rights reserved


T-Rapper Gold Coast, Australia

T-Rapper is a 22 year old artist based on the Gold Coast, Australia. His passion for rap extends far back to early childhood and always knowing he wanted to do music with his life, released his first tape in 2016.
"Insight To The Mind"

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