Famous (Prod. DopantBeats)

from by T-Rapper

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[Verse 1]

Eyes bloodshot red, and it ain't from the weed,
it's from my lack of sleep, if you believe,
cause I'm staying up late, writing down excuses,
as to why I'm late to work and every one of em are useless,
i do got plans one day to go and fuck the world,
so this right here is like foreplay for my girl,
I'm tryina make it easier for when the time is right,
and if it doesn't work fuck it, I'm going in dry,
i feel like what's inside of me is everything i need,
from a healthy heart that beats
and two lungs that let me breath,
and i swear to god, if you took a knife on me,
and cut me open then you'd see it's fucking music that i bleed,
dropped outta school man i wasn't learning anyway,
my father tried to tell me that i need to go and get a trade
but working for the man isn't how i wanna live my days
I'd rather grab a mic and go blow up a fucking stage


I just wanna be famous,
I just wanna be famous,

[Verse 2]

I wanna go hit the stage and hear my fans screaming my name,
and when this track drops they just go and lose their fucking brains,
i guess you could say that i want the level of fame,
that Ray J gave Kim K but i don't need the sex tape,
who am I to judge she was tryina get her career started
fuck else you gonna do when you're talent-less and retarded
anybody hatin' on that chick needa chill i mean,
five mill for a sex tape is not a bad deal,
i got asked once if i had any tracks go platinum,
i got six likes on Facebook i don't see that happening,
but shit if one day, one of my tracks does
ima send my plaque back because I'm in this for the love,
yeah I'm in it for the love but the money's also nice
and by the end of the night i prolly be fucking your wife,
i cant help that I'm the type of rapper that she likes
an' she got a fat ass that she been throwing at me all night


[Verse 3]

I wanna go to my garage with my lineup of cars,
get into my Lexus, start driving while im texting,
a cop pulls me over like im 'bout to learn my lesson
but he just want a picture for his kids to impress 'em
pull up to the studio, no stressing,
bank account so large it's two commas that I'm reppin'
tuck my chain so you don't think that im flexin'
then bust out a whole album in one studio session,
then off to the yacht to pop,
bottles with models,
and go hang out with my idols,
taking shots at our rivals,
with a word loaded rifle,
so talk shit i might snipe you
and by the time that im done even your girlfriend wont like you,
livin' lavish if the goal with houses bigger than dreams
throwing playboy parties seven days of the week
my only aim is to spit it back in the faces
of those saying i wont make it's why i wanna be famous.


from Duck My Sick, released December 16, 2016



all rights reserved


T-Rapper Gold Coast, Australia

T-Rapper is a 22 year old artist based on the Gold Coast, Australia. His passion for rap extends far back to early childhood and always knowing he wanted to do music with his life, released his first tape in 2016.
"Insight To The Mind"

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