3 A​.​M Thoughts (Prod. Taylor King)

from by T-Rapper

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Once again on the mic it's the kid with a vision,
i wrote this song for me so please sit back and listen,
first i wanna address all the men and the women,
who think that they can't achieve a life they have envisioned,
the only person stopping you is the one in the mirror,
once you get past them, i guarantee you'll see clearer,
I've never felt nearer to achievin' my dreams,
it only started when i stopped caring what people think,
the greatest fear in the world is the opinion of others
and when you overcome that, man you become another,
person completely, unable to be affected by the hate and the greedy,
it's when you become free,
i know who my mates are and who's coming with me,
and i know who the snakes are who try running with me,
they'll look me in my face and they'll tell me that I'm great,
second they turn around they bad mouthing my name,
but if talent, was money, well homie i was born rich,
but let's not get into that "I'm better than you" bullshit,
you stick to what you do and I'll stick to writing good shit,
but no body wants that conscious rap anymore they want that hood shit,
and that is bullshit, so if you lookin' for that click clack plow,
you better turn me off now, cause i ain't into that shit,
i wanna influence a generation of kids, who think they can't make it as shit,
till they bumpin' one of my tapes and see they nothin' but great,
and they can be what they want if they persevere through the hate,
and if you got a grudge with someone who had once caused you pain,
man don't hold that shit for too long it'll eat you away,
and i'm speaking from experience cause as of today,
i haven't seen my father for like nearly half a decade,
thinkin' back to when it happened i was not even phased,
but as i'm getting older guess my hate is starting to fade,
till i'm hit with memories as early as first grade,
how many times did the cops have to come to our place,
for the abuse and the screaming, the drugs and the beatings,
got so bad one time we had to run away,
across the state, to a safe house, laid out, we can finally lay down,
thinkin' it's okay now, but it wasn't long before it went back to old ways,
and my mother lined herself up for another heart break,
but mistakes were made, prices were paid,
my father lost four years, my mother lost her way,
children lost their parents, a family tore apart,
this was only the start man it ain't the worst part,
and even though i know that it's affected me to some degree,
i guess i'm sayin' i forgive my father for the things he's done to me,
maybe one day we could even enjoy each others company,
but i still have no idea when the fuck that could be,

I know that i don't call my mum as much as i should,
and i don't see my brother man as much as i could,
but maybe i don't care man as much as they would,
if one day we stopped making contact for good,
and i'm sorry to say but i would be okay,
cause i feel like i been alone on this earth since the day
of first grade wearing hand me down shirts with dirt stains,
but i done came a long way from that kid back in the day,
i found my team who were there every step of the way,
showing nothing but support expecting nothing in return,
but they know i got they backs man it's what they deserve,
and i don't gotta drop names boy they know who they are,
we keep going this way, one day, we gonna go far,
and whether or not, we make it to the top,
that shit right there is completely on us yeah,
life is too short to be living it so steadily,
cause when you leave this place you only have left your legacy,
so just remember, no matter what you do,
somebody's gonna be there to be hating on you,
so do what makes you happy, do what gives you meaning,
do the type of shit, that keeps your heart beating,
go stand up for the things that you believe in
cause no one ever made it from just wishing and dreaming,


from Duck My Sick, released December 16, 2016



all rights reserved


T-Rapper Gold Coast, Australia

T-Rapper is a 22 year old artist based on the Gold Coast, Australia. His passion for rap extends far back to early childhood and always knowing he wanted to do music with his life, released his first tape in 2016.
"Insight To The Mind"

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